Sinon Switch Skin
Sinon Switch Skin

Sinon Switch Skin

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Artwork by FUNKYGARAGE for NEET Garage!

Price is for 1 seven-piece skin set!

Skin Set Includes:

  • (1) Switch Rear Panel Skin
  • (1) Dock Front Panel Skin
  • (2) Joycon Skins (Left / Right)
  • (2) Joycon Rear Skins (Left / Right)
  • (1) Joycon Grip Skin


Switch Skins are printed on extremely high-quality outdoor-grade air release vinyl, meaning, no bubbles when installing!

They are also laminated using outdoor-grade matte laminate for awesome scratch and fingerprint resistance!

Please install and remove slowly and carefully to prevent potential damage!




We have tested these extensively with our own Switch and haven't run into the Joycon adhesive issue some skins have had. However, we cannot 100% guarantee that these skins will be 100% problem-free on your Switch, and therefore we would just like to let you know to buy these at your own risk. NEET Garage is not responsible for any damage caused to your Switch and Switch accessories.

Thank you for understanding!



Sinon Switch Skin
Sinon Switch Skin